Dance is not limited to a certain style or technique.

Dance is the birthright of all human beings. If you can breathe, you can dance!

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Avodah Dance has a history of creating and sharing dance, music and art with various communities. We are known for our work within community centers, schools, universities, churches, synagogues, women’s prisons and NYC based organizations.  We conduct residencies and workshops, audience participatory performances and strive to bring public awareness about the issues of incarceration and our work with incarcerated women through our public performances.  To learn more about our main entities, please visit the pages below.

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_MG_0380Last Saturday’s Holiday Event at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility with Hour Children was so sweet! We are honored to have been there to provide entertainment for the kids, their parents and guardians. Newman’s drum circle and our in-prompt to dance circle where kids made a dance and free-styled was SO MUCH FUN!

Other activities that day included bracelet making, weaving and silhouette art, origami, paper instruments; food and family time with boardgames and more!

Love Hour Children and the work they do. Click here for more info on their programs at Bedford Hills:



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