“These programs puts us all on good behavior, because we want to participate more and more. And once we start with one we want to progress to another and continue to be involved, so we have to stay on track.” 

With your support, we can continue to bring professional dance and music programs to incarcerated women and young people in New York and Connecticut.


Funding for our programming 

was made possible by the generous contributions from:

       Ariel Apfel                    Paul Bedard                    Cheryl Brading                    Dympna Burkhar

 Renee Feduniue            Lydia Hance                    Megan Harrold                    Joel Kaminer

         Ashley Rhian McKee             Cliff Nash                     Tom Olivieri                     Claudia Olivieri  

             Katie Palmer                     Dustin Pope                    Mary Reeb                       Barbara Riley        

Akiko Sasaki      Rachel Schwartz            Susan Wilen                    Brenda Wylie                       Josh Young

"Dance is not limited to a certain style or technique. Dance is the birthright of all human beings.

 If you can breathe, you can dance!"

Mission: Avodah Dance is a New York City based non-profit 501(c) (3) modern dance company that has at the core of its mission the idea of a Jewish and universal value, Tikkun Olam, which means to “repair the world.” Using dance as a tool for social change, Avodah Dance brings the art of dance to diverse populations with the goal of uplifting individuals and building community. Avodah Dance offers residencies, workshops, and performances in women’s prisons, community centers, and synagogues, universities and public schools as well as traditional theater venues.

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