• Bedford Hills Residency/Workshop Success!

    On June 23rd we began our our 3rd residency at Bedford Hills Women’s Correctional Institution and are pleased to say that the week long workshop was an absolute success – and here is why:

    As usual we are reminded about the remarkable creativity that can still exist behind cement walls, iron gates and thickets of barbed wire fences. Yet this visit was something extraordinary in the sense that we were deeply humbled by the genuine trust and enthusiasm expressed by the women participants from the very start to the very end. Like every residency, we continue to learn about ourselves just as much, and are reminded on just how privileged we are to be able to provide creative spaces in the most obscure environments. We are so grateful to be a part of this force. Thank you Bedford Hills WCI, the women who’ve participated and enlightened us, and all the staff there who believe in the power of the arts and the power of human connectivity.

    Thank you to all of our supporters  who helped us get there! You helped in giving the women a weeks worth of access to their own creativity – but a life-long experience over all!

    Next up – collecting all of our findings and presenting them to the public! Be on the look out for our next chapter of moving voices inside out.