• Incarcerated moms and their children connect during the holidays!

    We are so very honored to be conducting another workshop for the women and their kids during their holiday party at Bedford Hills Correctional, NY. We are so grateful to Hour Children for inviting us back this year. Helping incarcerated mothers, helps their children and our own communities.  The annual event features holiday music and cheer, generous gift giving supported by the local community of Bedford Hills, food and family bonding.  Learn more and support Hour Children and the mothers and children they serve this holiday! Check out their community programs here.

    Bedford Hills is also known for having a successful early childhood program, where mothers are allowed to spend a year with their child after birth during incarceration.  The drop in recidivism is proof of the success, along side other programs that focus on mother/family/child relationship like Hour Children.  Here is a pretty good article that talks about their early childhood program and, like everything, it’s a struggle to keep it up.  A positive light to the darkness of prison: 

    Babies Born, Raised Behind Bars May Keep Mothers From Returning to Prison