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Learning to play musical instruments like ukulele is a remarkable experience for people who enjoys or love making music. For kids, this musical instrument is a remarkable choice as it is a low-coast instrument that is relatively easy to play. For professional musicians, this ukulele brings an exceptional sound to their current brand or a new flair to their music.

Choosing the best ukulele for beginners is very essential as having a high quality instrument makes learning the methods easier.  When buying ukulele, you need to consider the material, size as well as brand when choosing their first instrument. Some of the best known ukulele manufacturers provide starter ukuleles at a lower price for beginners. This allows them to begin learning prior to deciding whether to invest in a pricey instrument.

What to Look for in a Ukulele for Beginners

When choosing a beginner ukulele, you must consider the size, brand, materials as well as budget to make the best musical instrument choice.

  • Ukulele Materials

Ukulele makers utilize two major materials; laminate or wood. The disparity in material could make a huge difference in the sound, feel as well as cost of the ukulele.

  • Laminate

Laminate is a reasonable choice than wood; however still make a superior musical instrument. Through layering or piercing parts of wood attached together, they are durable and strong. In general they are reliable to keep similar tone over time.

  • Wood

The most renowned woods for solid ukuleles are Koa and Mahogany wood.  They have a richer, louder and fuller sound opposed to laminates, however they are pricier. Solid wood is further sensitive to moisture and other ecological factors and could change in pitch over time.

Some of the popularly used ukulele tone woods are:

  • Koa: Native to Hawaii, Koa is a traditional wood of choice for ukulele. Still it is the most renowned for its gorgeous grain patterns, broad selection of shades, as well as balanced tone.
  • Mahogany: As it includes lots of varieties grown in diverse regions all over the world, it is hard to simplify concerning its tone, however mahogany in general imparts a warmer, darker tonality. Mahogany is frequently utilized for ukulele necks.
  • Spruce: With the current fame of ukulele, a lot of guitar makers have started making them utilizing similar woods utilized in guitar tops. The best choice of guitar manufacturers, spruce’s dense grain generates loud and bright tones with lots of“zing.”
  • Redwood: Redwood resides in the mid between cedars and spruce, providing much of the simplicity of spruce with the warmness of cedar. Due to overharvesting, redwood is limited and expensive.

Today, you will find ukuleles made from many types of wood which take account of:

  • Ovangkol
  • Nato
  • Cocobolo
  • Beech
  • Bubinga
  • Myrtle
  • Cherry
  • Mango
  • Sapele
  • Wenge
  • Pau ferro.

There are other types of woods a ukulele can be made of. For beginners, it is very much important to know what type of wood the ukulele was made of to assure quality and superiority. You can read reviews regarding this matter or you can professionals to help you decide which material is the best.

Various Types of Ukulele   

There are many kinds of ukuleles available today and are played in an array of diverse venues and for diverse kinds of music.  Some of them are shaped like guitars and a lot are shaped round and called banjo ukuleles.

  • The Types of ukuleles range in shapes as well as sizes. The standard ukulele is the soprano ukulele which is also the smallest. Soprano ukulele measure 13 inches long and has 4 strings which play notes G,C, E as well as A.
  • The second oldest of the ukuleles is also a little bigger. The concert ukulele measures fifteen inches and play similar notes.
  • Tenor ukulele is another type of ukulele that was invented in year 1920s. This was larger at 17 inches and played similar notes.
  • Baritone ukulele is the latest of the instruments that measures 19 inches long. Not like others, this type of ukulele has 4 diverse notes D, G, B as well as E. The baritone ukulele is a little bit different than the rest because it is tuned like a guitar from low to high.
  • Pineapple ukulele or oval ukulele is another type of ukulele that comes from Hawaiian roots. There are also those which are shaped like boat paddles and some made out of cigarette boxes.
  • Tahitian ukulele is also a popular type. This is a diverse kind of instrument in which it doesn’t include a sound box. The head and neck is made from single piece of wood and there’s also a hole in the center. This could also be carved out of three pieces of wood. This type of ukulele also has a very different sound.

Not all ukuleles have only 4 strings. There are ukuleles that have two strings, providing them a wider selection of notes. There are types of ukuleles with just 3 strings, if doubles, have 6 strings. Due to the variety of ukulele, it’s likely to have relatively a variety from which to select when choosing a ukulele.

Ukuleles as stated above are made out of wood and are made in a variety of diverse places. A lot of people love these instruments as they are handy than a guitar as well as easier to learn to play because they have less strings. The fact that they are light weight; they are a lot of fun to work with.

How to Choose the Best Ukulele for Beginners

Purchasing a ukulele, specifically for beginners, could be a daunting experience. In spite of being much smaller, there’s a much greater selection in ukuleles that there’s in guitars. If you are in the market for ukulele especially if you are a beginner, this article will guide you in the choices you will need to make.

The Size

Ukuleles come in 4 major sizes; soprano, concert, tenor as well as baritone. There are also other sizes like super-concert and the absolutely tiny sopranino.

For beginner, perhaps the most excellent choice is the soprano. It is the standard size of ukulele and provides the sound most related with the ukulele. Its dimension means that it is well-suited to playing chords. What is more, the cheapest ukuleles are roughly always soprano ukuleles.

Tenor ukulele provides lots of space for your fingers to move, making it ideal for solo playing. It’s the size most frequently utilized by experts.

The concert is a compromise between these two – giving the advantages of both – and is one of the most preferred sizes of ukulele for beginners.

Baritone ukuleles are much similar to guitars than they are to ukuleles. They produce a much deeper sound and are tuned like the top 4 strings of a guitar. As such, they are likely to be preferred by many guitar players and those wanting to move on to the guitar afterwards.

The Price

Price is a very important factor to consider when choosing ukulele for beginners. Ukuleles could be purchased very cheaply for less than 20 dollars. These extremely cheap musical instruments aren’t great quality; on the other hand they are a lot of fun. When you are serious about playing the ukulele, it is worth spending a few dollars for that first step up in quality. Makala and Lanakai are two brands that make good budget ukuleles.

When money is no object, then ukulele that is made of a luthier is the most excellent choice. An skilled luthier will be capable of guiding you in the process and aid you discover the factors which will suit your style of playing.

The Brand

There are lots of ukuleles brands out there. Modern makes like Kala and Hamano, popular brands like Hola Music and Cordoba. Each brand of ukulele has its own acolytes and detractors. Reading around on the net will provide you a good idea of how well valued a brand is.

You may need to consider where a ukulele is made. The world’s most appreciated brands tend to be made in Hawaii. Anyone thinking about buying a ukulele should take a look at the assortment of the instruments over the net. Through this way you can find out the kind of ukulele for beginners like and the one that best suits you. You can discover all kinds of ukuleles either in music stores or stores online. You can usually get a better price online due to the fact that there is no overhead.

You can also get lessons as well as tapes on how to play the ukulele of your choice. If you have mastered this little charming musical instrument, you will perhaps want to know more about the diverse choices as well as their diverse sounds. The best thing about knowing how to play this small musical instrument is that it is not hard and when you play one instrument, you can learn the others with no trouble.

Top 10 Best Ukulele for Beginners Reviews

Hamano U-30BK Colorful Soprano Ukulele

Hamano is one popular manufacturer of musical instruments including ukulele, and their latest offering is the U-30BL colorful soprano ukulele that is on hand in various colors- each comes with its own shade-matched bag for simple and safe transportation to the coast or weekly lesson. With ten colors to select from, there is something for each and everyone.


  • Durable maple body and neck besides to a clear, high gloss finish makes for durability and toughness
  • Authentic and real Aquila Nylgut strings handmade in Italy provide clear, bright tones
  • Armed with geared guitar design tuners to make sure your uke stays in tune
  • Come with a colorful Learn to Play chord chart for beginners to get started
  • It comes with a color matching gig bag for simple and fast storage and transport


  • Frets are painted wood and not metal, and paint job is a bit sloppy. The strings are a bit high off the fingerboard; however this is only a simple problem.


Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele comes with its own individuality flavor. This musical instrument provides a remarkable sound and remarkable playability for beginners to spread various good tunes as well as taking laid back steamy atmosphere wherever, you want. This musical instrument makes beginners seem like a four string-strumming expert.

  • Body and neck is made of mahogany
  • 12 Brass Frets with Fret position Marks at 5th, 7th as well as 10th frets on neck as well as peak of fingerboard
  • Fingerboard and Bridge is made of Rosewood
  • Satin Finish
  • Geared tuners
  • Pre-strung that has Premium AQUILA NYLGUT Strings


The Kala KA-15S provides great sound, playability, as well as a great price. The mahogany body and rosewood fretboard makes this a grand Ukulele ideal for beginners. It has a snappy tone, and the workmanship is outstanding for such a contemptible musical instrument


Does go out of tune most often, however this might be due to nylon strings that is easy to fix.

Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele

This soprano Ukulele from Diamond Head comes in a brown color that a lot of people love. This musical instrument comes with a 3 chord graph that assists you in knowing how to make use of it fast. The DU-150 Soprano Ukulele from Diamond Head is outfitted with standard nickel-plated geared guitar style tuners to assist you play a stunning tune. This instrument comes with a brown lustrous finish that adds to the strong maple body as well as neck made for long-term durability. It also comes with gig bag.


  • The painted fingerboards of this instrument have precisely spaced, smooth as well as polished frets, whereas the equipped guitar-style geared tuners are more precise compared to the planetary-style tuners; efficiently taking the presumption out of tuning.
  • From any angles, the assembly is clean, the fit as well as finish will go beyond expectation.


The DU-150 Soprano Ukulele from Diamond Head is not closely all that bright and lively sounding, however the price is relatively low.

Kala Soprano Ukulele

This is the best ukulele for beginners. The body is made from evergreen tree Agathis common in Northern Australia and Indonesia as well as neighboring islands. Bridge and fretboard is made of rosewood and the neck is made of mahogany. This soprano ukulele from Kala has remarkable sound and sturdiness. Like other kinds of Kala Soprano Ukuleles, the Kala M-KS has a broader lower bout opposed to the typical ukulele shape and a sound hole in the middle. It makes a good ukulele for beginner and has an extremely low price for newbie ukulele players. Included with Kala M-KS are Tuner, Gig Bag, Polishing Cloth and Instructional DVD.


  • Satin finish and Agatha body
  • 12 brass frets
  • Simple to use geared tuners
  • Reasonably price and nice looking ukulele


  • Needs tuning prior to using this musical instrument

Hola! HM-21 Soprano Ukulele

With geared tuners and metal frets, Hola! HM-21 is a good value for beginners. Painted ukuleles might be normally seen as slighter in quality; however this musical instrument will surely change your mind.  This is highly recommended for beginners who want to get the most out of this money.  It is 100% perfect for beginners and even seasoned players as well might love keeping this ukulele for backup or as a travel. If you have been searching for a while, look no more, as you have found a ukulele that you will be happy with.


  • Back, top as well as side made of maple and coated in a variety of stunning shades or colors.
  • Bridge and fingerboard made of Rosewood
  • Twelve silver nickel frets-fret position marks at fifth, seventh, as well as tenth frets at the peak of the fingerboard
  • Integrated with white strings made of nylon as well as silver geared tuners


Go out of tune often.  However this is normal especially the ukulele is brand new. After a few days of playing and stretching the string, everything will be fine.

Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele

If you are just starting a ukulele or looking for ukulele with a low price, Lanikai0LU-21 soprano ukulele might be the best choice. The LU-21 Soprano is the ukulele which Lanikai is renowned for. It is perfect for beginners. LU-21 is a well made ukulele with geared tuners.  The body is constructed of Nato wood that is tough and durable as mahogany.


This Ukulele from Lanikai provides an awesome sound due to its rosewood fingerboard and nato body. It is a sweet, warm sound you are going to enjoy. This is made to last. You will like to take this instrument anywhere you go.

  • Soprano Size
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Simple Playablilty
  • It has 12 Frets


  • LU-21 is perhaps the most expensive ukulele for beginners available

Luna Mahogany Series Honu Soprano Ukulele

This ukulele by Luna Guitar boats decors inspired from typical Hawaiian body tattoos. Layout and patterns of Hawaiian tattoo were firmly geometric with lots of symbols and shapes in place of the natural island world, waves, stones, sharks, fish, sun, rain as well as birds. Luna Mahogany style is completely based on honu or Hawaiian turtle, a sign of endurance and longevity.  The fret markers are stylized teeth of shark and it comes with chord chart, tuner and gig bag.


  • Cool designs
  • Easy to transport
  • Very durable and lightweight
  • The 4 integrated Aquila strings could be changed with the open design as well as generate a warm, rich as well as balanced tone.


Luna Mahogany Series Honu Soprano Ukulele is indeed one of the most expensive ukuleles for beginners available today. On the other hand, it is worthy buying for due to its amazing features.

Oscar Schmidt Ukulele

The Oscar Schmidt OU2 has the whole thing you want to build your self-belief as avid guitarists. OU2 ukulele comes with DVD guide and a Clip on tuner in order to know how to play this ukulele faster.  This features Gearlux polishing cloth and Austin Bazaar and a stunning semi-satin finish in its neck and body made of mahogany.


  • The whole thing you want to start playing ukulele is available straight out of the box. It comes with a gig bag, Austin Bazaar DVD guide, polishing cloth and clip on tuner.
  • Top, back and sides are made of durable wood
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Chrome tuners
  • Well made ukulele that stays in tune
  • The tuner is so easy to utilize and very durable

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

This state of the art ukulele for beginners features a mahogany finish on top, and both sides. This is made to have a consistent abalone rosette that makes it an extremely exceptional ukulele for newbies and professionals as well.  This offers high quality sound and so easy to use.


This ukulele from Cordoba is well-built, solid instrument. It keeps in tune up the neck and also playable right from the box with a fast tuning. Cordoba has a full, pleasant tone with superb sustain. This product really sings!. The integrated Aquila Nylgut strings are remarkable.


  • Expensive

Makala MK-S Soprano Ukulele

This is a good way to take laid back steamy atmosphere and while relaxing.  This is a remarkable way to spread good vibrations. The Makala MK-S provides great playability, great sound for a very reasonable price. Fretboard is made of rosewood and it has twelve brass frets which makes this a good entry level of ukulele for beginners.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Agathis Wood Body
  • Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge
  • Agathis Wood Top
  • Mahogany neck


There you have it. When you are planning of starting to utilize a ukulele, look no more. The ukuleles listed above come with the newest deign, very reasonable as well as well as easy to play. So what are you waiting for? Get one now!

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