Fri. May 27th, 2022
Fire Building in camp

You spent a lot time creating your camping list and now you feel you are ready to go. But did you remember your survival matches.

You might be wrong. You might be forgetting an important item. It is a common mistake made by campers and can prove costly.

What’s this essential item that I am referring to?

No matter if you’re new to outdoor camping or an experienced veteran, these five reasons should be on your top 5 list.

1. Fire Building is harder than you may think

Camping outdoors is a time when fire is vital.

Building a fire is not an easy task. It takes practice and mastery to build a fire. Trust me, regardless of how many YouTube tutorials you have seen, you will never be a master at building a fire.

It can take many years to master this skill, depending on how often you camp.

It is too important and difficult to learn how to make a fire without having a backup plan. It’s always a good idea to have backup.

2. Not all things are fail-proof

BIC lighters or Ferro rods are a common backup source of fire for campers. These are usually very reliable, but they can malfunction.

A BIC lighter that has been stored in a survival kit for a long time may have a problem with the butane or the sparking mechanism. This could render it useless.

Many Ferrorods are extremely compact and simple to use. However, traditional Ferrorods can be difficult to use in cold conditions or with one hand. These rods often require the use tinder. However, it is important that the tinder be perfect. It can also be difficult to spot the ideal tinder without extensive training.

3. Survival matches – quick and easy

These matches, like the everstryke, are more than just a backup source to build the perfect campfire. These matches can also be used to:

Quick light source to walk in the dark

A source of emergency lighting

The burning of insects

4. Inclement Weather

Camping is a place where you should always expect the unexpected. Sometimes, that can mean inclement weather, even though the forecast was for sunny and calm.

Waterproof matches are essential to withstand the harshest conditions.

5. Anytime, Anywhere

Have a piece of rough bark or a rock? What about buttons or a thumbnail on your pants? Great! All of these surfaces can be used to strike your survival match.

Survival matches don’t require any kindling or special tools to light your fire. All you need is a solid surface, and voila!

There you have it. These are five perfectly valid reasons why survival matches should never be abandoned. A quick Google search will bring up thousands of opinions about the best survival matches to buy.

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